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This photo shows a couple walking on a grassy field with a beautiful sunset in the background. They are holding hands while enjoying a lovely stroll in the outdoors. The woman, who is a glowing and radiant expectant mother, is wearing a stunning white dress that accentuates her pregnancy curves.  The warm and soft colors of the photo create a comfortable and soothing atmosphere. This photo showcases a romantic and natural ambiance, portraying the couple's bond and happiness as they enjoy this special moment together.

Timeless and Dreamy Portraits

Aling Wen Photography, Brisbane professional photographer

Welcome! I'm Aling, a Brisbane-based photographer specializing in maternity, family, baby, and couple photography.


I have a passion for capturing beautiful outdoor portraits with natural lights, and I love to schedule sessions at the golden hour, which creates a magical, romantic, and dreamy effect in the photos.


I can recommend a variety of stunning photography locations in and around Brisbane, also in the nearby beautiful Gold Coast areas for our session. However, if you have a different location in mind, I'm happy to discuss the details and make it work. ​


Photography wardrobe is available and style guidance will be provided to ensure you look and feel your best during our session. ​ 

My goal is to help you capture your family's journey and create timeless, natural portraits that will be cherished for a lifetime. Contact me today to schedule a session and let me help you create beautiful memories.

More about me.

This photo captures the tender and loving moment of a beautiful mother holding her newborn baby in her arms. The mother's gaze is gentle and filled with love as she looks at her baby. The overall tone of the photo is harmonious, with natural and clean white hues that enhance the purity and serenity of the moment.
This is a heartwarming family photo of a mother holding her son in the Roma Street Parkland in Brisbane. The background features the lush greenery of the park. Both the mother and son are laughing genuinely, creating an infectious and joyful moment. It's a touching and candid family photo that is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face.
This photo captures a heartwarming moment between a mother and her one-year-old daughter. The mother is holding the little girl in her arms, and they are facing each other. The mother's expression is full of love and tenderness, while the daughter looks lively and innocent. The lighting is soft and gentle, and the overall tone of the photo is warm and comforting.

"Aling was so patient while photographing our family with little kids, we were amazed to see that she managed to get some very good shots inspite of our toddler not being too co-operative. The photo turn around was also very quick and she is very easy to communicate with and sends timely responses . We would absolutely recommend her"-- Chrissie Family

"We are so grateful and delighted with our baby photos. Aling was such a natural with our new born it was an absolute pleasure to do our shoot. My baby thought that Aling's assistant as a real laugh and we got gorgeous photos of a laughing baby. Thank you. Highly recommend."-- Emily Family

"Highly recommend Aling, she is very well prepared, went above and beyond to get us the best shots.

Super friendly and easy to get along with, definitely made us feel relaxed and comfortable. Her assistant was super helpful with entertaining our 4 years old too!

Great experience!-- Sindy Family

"Aling is a photographer professional
she makes you feel comfortable in the photo shoot.
Our son enjoyed the session.
We totally recommend Aling as a photographer.
"-- Jean Family

"My family and I have had the pleasure of working with Aling on two occasions now. From the beginning of the process, Aling was professional and prompt in providing detailed information to help us prepare for the photoshoot. During our session, Aling put us all at ease with her friendly and calm personality. She was able to recognize when the kids needed a change of setting and had many wonderful ideas to keep everyone engaged during the photoshoot. You can tell everyone had a great time and this reflected in the photos, the results speak for themselves. I would not hesitate to recommend her services and look forward to working with her again in the future."-- Nicole Family

"I have been looking for a photographer to take family photos for while and finally found the one who perfectly understands what I was after!! I am so glad I found “Aling”. Aling is an awesome photographer 😍; she is nice and patient. My son who is 4 years old, was very happy and enjoy the session very much. I highly recommend Aling for any type of photography session and especially family ones!!! "-- Tiffany Family

"I chose Aling Wen Photography and I had an absolutely positive experience. Aling is a very talented photographer who knows how to bring out your strengths!
She is truly a professional and she is able to immediately put you at ease.
With her calmness, her patience and above all with her passion for photography she manages to convey joy and fun in every single minute of the shot.Highly recommended.
-- Giulia

"It was a lovely and fun day with Aling for our maternity photoshoot. 

She is a professional and fun to work with. I could not find anything easier. She organized everything such as location even the pose ideas. 

The photos are stunning. We love them so much. It looks natural and enjoyable. 

I highly recommend hiring her for your special occasion photoshoot because memory is worth it.-- Nirobon & Alexander

"One of my close friends used Aling Wen Photography and couldn't stop raving about her experience. So my husband and I decided to have a photo shoot done by Aling. We are a bit introverted and imagined the whole experience to be awkward. However, Aling made us feel very comfortable. She found a beautiful location and took some beautiful shots of us having a great time! The whole experience was fun and beautiful. Can't recommend her enough!!!-- Shruti

 This is a lovely family photo taken at a jetty by the beach. The picture features a family of five, and they are all playfully scratching and tickling each other. Everyone has a genuine and heartwarming smile on their faces, showing how much they enjoy being together. The background of the jetty and the blue ocean add to the sense of happiness and relaxation in the photo, creating a joyful and peaceful atmosphere.
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