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First of all, I'd like to say huge congratulations!

I adore capturing newborn to 6 months old babies.

At the newborn stage, they are very tiny, curly and sleepy, and then as they grow up, you begin to see their small personalities appear. Well, there's absolutely nothing better.

You can decide when is the best age and most comfortable time to take pictures of your baby, there is no set age.

For my newborn photography, I prefer letting your baby lay how they are most comfortable and simply position them to capture every detail beautifully.

For my baby photography, I like to capture their personalities and every little detail, from the tips of their chubby little toes to the tops of their heads with all that soft, wispy baby hair.

In addition, the session also includes capturing the happiness of parents, brothers, sisters, and family members, the way they hold the baby in their arms, kiss and all their love for the baby.

I will prepare beautiful little designer and organic outfits for your baby, headdress and comfortable blankets, and bassinet, they're all stunning and incredibly well-made.

The session location can be at your home (within 30km from Brisbane CBD),  or outdoor at a nice park (within 30km from Brisbane CBD). A travel fee will apply farther than 30km from Brisbane CBD.

1 to 2 weeks after your photoshoot I send you a link to view all of your beautiful baby photos and you select the images you would like. 



Family photography is so important, it reminds you of beautiful memories that you and your children can look back on in years to come.

I believe that family photography should tell your family's story and show all of the incredible emotions. Like when you sharing a joke with your partner or tickling your kids. These are the moments and memories that family photography should capture.

During the family photography session, I will simply guide you to where the light is best and then we will have fun. You hug and play, and I capture every snuggling, smiling and smirking moment.

No awkward poses or forced smiles, all family photos are naturally relaxed.

We include family photography in a baby photoshoot,  Or if you have older kids (age more than 6 months old), then we can book a family photography session.

Once the date is locked-in, I will send you " what to prepare" and "what to wear" magazines.

We can talk about the photographic locations you like or I can suggest to you some location options. I usually have family sessions at Rome Street Park, Brisbane, or Main Beach, Gold Coast (an extra $50 travel fee will apply).



Maternity photography can sometimes be missed, with so much going on and planning for the newborn baby, those final few months fly by quickly. But to be able to take a little bit of time just for her beautiful bump is just amazing.

During the 9 months of pregnancy, you are not alone, your baby is always with you, and those small kicks and burps are a lovely reminder to tell you they are there.

Maternity photography is the perfect way to remember your beautiful baby bump and the first step in this exciting life-changing journey.

Our maternity sessions are very relaxing and fun, also we can include your partner and other children in your session and photos.

I prefer a more natural style of maternity photography, it can tell more of a story.

I will prepare beautiful designer dresses for your maternity session, you are also welcome to wear your own dresses that you like.

We tend to book maternity photography sessions 3 to 4 weeks before your due date and they can be held at a nice park, or at a beautiful beach.

The maternity + Baby photography package is available, save $100 by booking 2 photo sessions together.



Couples photoshoots are great to celebrate your engagement or your wedding anniversary.

Also, it can be a gift to say a huge thank you to Mum on Mother's day or just to get some lasting memories of you and your loved one. 

Couple photography can be very creative, let's talk about the location you like: park, beach, rooftop...

let's have fun!

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