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Indoor session or Outdoor session ?

Updated: May 10, 2021

Which one is the best for a family session ?

Indoor / home session

Indoor portrait sessions are very relaxed . Home sessions normally are warm , bright and with a minimalist set up with natural light. This allows me to focus on your family’s bonds . The most important is that you will feel very comfortable and relaxed in your own place which is great for the emotions showing in photos. And home sessions usually take place in the morning when the light is soft and bounces off the white walls beautifully.

Outdoor session

Outdoor family sessions are a great idea no matter the season. They usually take place in the evening during the golden hour, to capture those beautifully lit images.

You can choose your own location for a photoshoot or can pick from the locations I usually shoot at. Outdoor family photography allows us to capture both posed portraits and those fleeting, candid moments. Perfect for families with active kids too :)

Whether you choose an indoor or an outdoor session , I will try to make it a fun, stress-free experience. We will have a great time and get some great photos, so please relax and enjoy your session.

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